Tanzania Safari

If you just go on one safari trip in your life, it should be to Tanzania! We have developed an itinerary that shows the very best of northern Tanzania's great wilderness areas without unneccessary transport  

  • 5 days safari in northern Tanzania
  • 1 day culture walk in the villages on the slopes of Mount Meru
  • Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara
  • We experience the migration at close range
  • Well planned safari routes, without unneccessary transport and maximum time in the safariparks
  • Guided bush walk on the southern Serengeti plain
  • Small tented camps and safari lodges close-to-nature. No big Hotels.
  • Always small groups with maximum one jeep.
  • Knowledgeable and experience safari guides.
  • All transfers between hotels and airports

Travel with us on this Tanzania safari and meet the lions in the Serengeti, experience the endless plain of beautiful Ndutu, photograph rhinos in the Ngorongoro Crater and see elephants just a few meters away in Lake Manyara.

Africana Travels Tanzania Safari will take you on one of the most beautiful natural experiences that the African continent has to offer. The safari takes place in the stunning natural areas in northern Tanzania and is a journey that extends over 7 days.

The safari begins in Lake Manyara which is not only the park in Tanzania, but also in the whole of Africa, where you have the best chance to see elephants. After Lake Manyara awaits Rift Valley, the Serengeti, Ndutu and the Ngorongoro Crater.

During the safari you will be accommodated in small permanent or semi-permanent lodges situated in a secluded environment, close to the stunning nature, which gives a more genuine feel than the big lodges many other organizers offer. You will also have a chance step out of the jeep and do a guided hike on the savannah - one of many popular elements. With Africana Travels Tanzania Safari you will get an experience of a lifetime!

Join us on a journey to visit one of the world's most fascinating natural areas! 

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Tanzania Safari Deluxe

A week of safari in northern Tanzania's stunning natural areas with accommodation in tent camps of high quality. This trip includes;

  • Five days safari to Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater
  • Accommodation in small tent lodges of high standards
  • Private jeep and private guide
  • Two nights in Arusha Safari Lodge (ranked as Arusha's best hotel on Tripadvisor)
  • Guided bushwalk (safari on foot) in the Serengeti
  • Return flights UK-Tanzania incl. taxes

Tanzania Safari Deluxe gives you the most of the great natural areas of northern Tanzania. Just like "Tanzania Safari" it's a 7 day trip (5 days safari) and uses the same route but with accommodations at small permanent lodges of high standars. They 're all secluded in stunning landscape areas that gives a more nature-oriented and genuine feel compared to the larger lodges.

This safari has a route that has been carefully selected to give a little extra. The safari begins in the stunning Lake Manyara which is the densest elephant park in Africa. After Lake Manyara awaits the rainforest in the Serengeti, Ndutu and the Ngorongoro Crater. The week is intense but we have scheduled quiet days with late morning and time to just enjoy the beautiful views, perhaps with a cold beer in hand. The route has been organised to give you a combination of nature and culture. Elements such as hiking in Ikoma adds variety so that you don't get tired of the bumpy jeep ride.

This safari is perfect to combine with a week on one of the paradise islands, Zanzibar or Pemba. Join us on a safari that will give you the chance to see the Big Five and much more in one of the world's most fascinating natural areas.

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Uganda Safari

Mountain gorillas in Bwindi rainforest and chimpanzees in Kibale Forest is without a doubt the highlights of this trip to Uganda. Our Uganda safari includes:

  • Seven-day safari in Africa's pearl
  • Visit to the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
  • Visit to the chimpanzees in Kibale Forest National Park
  • Queen Elizabeth national park with tree-climbing lions and over 600 bird species
  • Selected safari accommodation
  • Private jeep and safari guide
  • Return flight UK-Entebbe including taxes

You'll experience the very best of The Pearl Of Africa, Uganda, when you travel through the rolling hills terraced slopes and high mountains with dense rainforest. In Kibale Forest you will meet our closest relatives; the Chimpanzees. In Bwindi Impenetrable Forest you will meet the Mountain Gorillas and in Queen Elizabeth National Park you have the chance of seeing many of Africa's large mammals including lions. In Queen Elizabeth National Park birdwatcher can scout for more than 600 different species of birds that have been recorded here. Uganda Safari is the journey to the Africa of your dreams. 

The journey can of course, be combined with a week on East Africa's most beautiful beaches in Zanzibar, Pemba, Lamu or Mombasa.

Please note, there is a minimum age of 15 years for visiting the mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda

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About Africana Travel

Africana Travel is a safari agent based in Arusha Tanzania with a sales and marketing office in Stockholm Sweden. We provide you with the best safaris at the best prices.We believe that we truly are a company that stands out from the crowd in the sense that we are a commercial safari company with a social heart. Africana Travel is run with the belief that everybody involved should be better of thanks to Africana. If you travel with us you should have the experience of a life time. If you work with us you shall have a great job that gives you a great wage, opportuinities to provide a good life for yourself and your family and fantastic opportunities to develop. We are a family company. No we are not owned and run by a family, we are a different kind of family company. We are a family company in the sence that:

a. Everybody that works for us are not related but when you work with us you are part of the Africana Travel family. We work together as a family and always take care of everybody. Everydbody in the company is equally important to the Africana Travel family from the night watchman to the Kilimanjaro guides and the CEO.

b. At Africana Travel family always comes first. We dedicate ourselves to our company and our work but if someone in our staff need to focus on their family a little more for a few days or weeks (be it because he/she has a sick child or elderly parents or some other reason) the rest of us cover for that person and make sure we always support each other.

c. Africana Travel has a profit share system. At the end of the year everybody working in our office is part of our profit share bonus system. If we have had a good year everybody gets a Christmas bonus, not just management. The bonuses with staff are shared before owners get any dividends.

 Travel specializes in travels to East Africa
. We organize trips to Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. All our trips are carefully thought out and based on many years of experience. Everyone who works at Africana Travel have all traveled and lived in East Africa.

We are a small business with all the positive things that it implies. Every customer is important to us and we always do everything in our power for you to be completely satisfied, with everything from inquiry to your return back from Africa.

Africana Travel is on Safaribookings.com please if you have traveled with us write a review on Safaribookings.com and tell us what you thought about your trip.

Why choose Africana Travel?

  • We are the small tour operator that provides the great experiences. We are completely focused on delivering quality, when you book a trip with us, we are not happy unless you're happy. We not only want meet your expectations, we want to exceed them. A trip with us should be an experience of a lifetime. Our approach, ambition and dedication is shared by everyone working with your journey.

  • Every customer is important to us and we always do our best for you to be totally satisfied with us from initial inquiry to your return home from Africa

  • We have extensive knowledge and long experience of the countries where we arrange trips to.  Everyone who works for us have lived or live in Africa.

  • To be able to provide you the best help and service, we have an office in Tanzania with skilled staff. All our staff in place is Tanzanian.

  • All guides on our trips are from the land which you are visiting. We think they have the best knowledge about their country and will give you the best experience.

  • We carefully choose lodges that provide the proper safari experience. Small-scale, close to nature and with opportunities for activities such as bush walk and night safari are important factors in the selection of lodges for us.

  • We carefully choose our hotel on Zanzibar, Pemba, Mafia Island and the mainland coast. We choose to work with smaller hotels and not big resorts. All our hotels are located on the beach. We have alternatives from mid-range to luxury.

  • We maintain a close relationship with all our partners and the hotels we work with by travelling to Africa to visit and keep ourselves updated.

  • Every journey with us is evaluated, we use your feedback order to develop and improve our trips.

Operations manager for Africana Travel Tanzania is Arnold Moshi who has worked with arranging trips in East Africa since 1999. Arnold is also a certified and experienced guide on Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya and Mt Meru. All our safaris and expeditions in Tanzania are arranged by Africana Travel Tanzania with the exception of some day trips in Zanzibar that are arranged by partner companies for Africana Travel. In Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Botswana we work closely with local partners that share our values.

One thing that all of our partners in Africa have in common is that they are recognized and established businesses, keeping a high quality while providing the personal service that is a characteristic of all trips by Africana Travel.

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Email: arnold@africanatravel.co.uk or info@africanatravel.se
Telephone: +255 754 807 254

Founders of Africana Travel

Africana Travel was founded by David Lenefors and Arnold Moshi. We started our tour operations in Tanzania in 2007 and 2009 launched the Stockholm office. More information coming soon.

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